We assure you that information you provide us is kept confidential. All information you provide will only be used within the bounds of applicable UK Laws*, and of other rules and regulations that may be issued by the competent authorities.


*The Data Protection Act or the General Data Protection that governs the processing of information relating to individuals, including obtaining, holding, use or disclosure of information.


We will collect personal information only for the following purposes:

- To verify the client’s identity

- To determine the client’s eligibility for remittance services

- To provide the client with continued service in the future

- To respond to clients’ inquiries about the status of past remittance transactions

- To prevent fraud with respect to both the customer and the company

- To meet legal, regulatory and other statutory requirements


Personal data obtained by Metro Remittance (UK) Ltd may only be processed for the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing. And for the purpose of transmitting funds in favour of the beneficiary through Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company (Metrobank) in the Philippines.


You may also be contacted by us using contact details provided from time to time for updates on the Company's products and services, or other related announcement or promos from the company or from the Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company (Metrobank Philippines). This is to improve the way we provide services to you during the term of our relationship.


We ensure that the handling of your information adheres to the established security standards and procedures. Further, up-to-date technology is in place in our systems to prevent unauthorised access which undergoes continuous assessment to improve your security and your privacy.


We guarantee you that any information you provide to us is protected. We will only collect your identifiable information through secure means, i.e. in person at the branch, or through authorised marketing activities of the company. We may ask you to provide your information by post if you are unable to come at our office or by email. We use Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt and protect email traffic. If your mail server does not support TLS, you should be aware that any emails you send to us may not be protected in transit.



Protect your information. We encourage you to be vigilant in protecting your personal data by ensuring that your account details, PINs, username and password are not disclosed to others nor written somewhere where it will be accessible to others. We also advise you to use strong passwords and to change them regularly as well as keeping your software/s updated.


Use secure means to communicate with us. You can contact us through our website, London Office, or by phone call. Rest assured that information coursed through these channels is protected by the security of our systems.


Access to your Information.  You may request a copy of information we hold about you by email or by post and we will provide you details in portable format if feasible. (A fee may be applicable)  You may also request that your personal information may be amended for the purpose of accuracy and completeness.


Erasure. You may request that we delete your personal information if you believe that:

– we no longer need to process your information for the purposes for which it was provided;

– we have requested your permission to process your personal information and you wish to withdraw your consent; or

– we are not using your information in a lawful manner.


Please note that the right to erasure is subject to certain exemptions, and if you request us to delete your information, we may have to suspend the operation of your account and/or the products and services we provide to you.


Objection. You have a right to object to us processing your personal information (and to request us to restrict processing), unless we can demonstrate compelling and legitimate grounds for the processing, which may override your own interests or where we need to process your information to investigate and protect us or others from legal claims. Depending on the circumstances, we may need to restrict or cease processing your personal information altogether, or, where requested, delete your information.


Please note that your right to object to our processing is subject to certain exemptions, and if you object to us processing your information, we may have to suspend the operation of your account and/or the products and services we provide to you.


Marketing. You have a right to object at any time to processing of your personal information for direct marketing purposes, including profiling you for the purposes of direct marketing.


Withdraw Consent. Where we rely on your permission to process your personal information, you have a right to withdraw your consent at any time. We will always make it clear where we need your permission to undertake specific processing activities.

Report any data breach. If you think that your personal data was mishandled in terms of confidentiality or integrity, or if someone tampered with your personal data without your consent, please do not hesitate to contact our Information Security Officer through the following:


Chief Information Security Officer

1F 12 Kensington Church Street

London W8 4EP United Kingdom

Telephone Number: 020 7368 4490

Fax Number: 020 7937 6140

E-mail Address: info@metrorem.co.uk


Due to the rapidly evolving changes in current regulations over the financial sector, we may update this information from time to time.

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