1. Complete and sign the Remittance Application and Agreement Form, naming all the beneficiaries that you will be sending money from time to time.

    Declare your source of funds and purpose of remittance.

2. Bring the following documentary requirements:

    - Valid Photographic ID (Passport or Full Driving Licence)

    - Valid Residence Permit (VISA) or Biometric Card (If applicable)

    - Original Copy of Proof of Address (e.g. Utility Bills such as Council Tax Bill, Water, Gas & Electric Bill, Bank Statement)

3. If unable to come to our office, download the Remittance Application and Agreement Form here or call us for assistance. Return the completed form to us by post with a certified true copy of your ID and proof of address.

IMPORTANT: Additional documentary requirements may be needed if we received registration by post. We will not accept incomplete requirements or/and those documents with discrepancies, alterations or are blurred. Inquire at our office hotline for more details.