1. The first time a Remitter remits funds to a beneficiary in the Philippines, he/she shall assigned by Metro Remittance (UK) Limited a PIN (Personal Identification Number) to be used every remittance.

2. After signing the RAA form, the Remitter declares that he/she is the ultimate beneficial owner of the funds and acting solely on his/her own account.

3. The Remitter gives full consent to Metro Remittance (UK) Ltd to process his/her personal data for the purposes of the prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing and all applicable laws that may apply. And also the Remitter gives full consent to Metro Remittance (UK) Ltd in transmitting funds in favour of the beneficiary through Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company or Metrobank Philippines. All personal and sensitive data will be protected and kept confidential by Metro Remittance (UK) Ltd under all relevant data protection laws.

4. Each time the Remitter remits funds to a new beneficiary in the Philippines, he/she shall sign the Additional Beneficiary Form certifying the correctness of all information contained therein including the relation to the beneficiary and purpose of remittance.

5. Funds shall be paid to the beneficiary in Philippine Pesos unless otherwise specified by the Remitter, in accordance with applicable exchange control regulations.

6. The remitter shall pay to Metro Remittance (UK) Limited a commission for every remittance. Metro Remittance (UK) Limited reserves the right to change the amount of commission from time to time.

7. Metro Remittance (UK) Limited shall not be liable for any delay in the delivery of funds to the beneficiary due to omissions, incorrect or incomplete information furnished by the Remitter, for majeure, or any event occurring beyond its reasonable control.

8. Any taxes or duties levied by the UK or Philippine Authorities and resulting in additional cost to Metro Remittance (UK) Limited in remitting funds shall be charged to the Remitter and may be deducted from the amount remitted.

9. All remittance transactions above the monthly limit set by Metro Remittance (UK) Limited are subject for approval and submission of documentary proof of source of funds. The company reservers the right to refuse remittance transaction for non-compliance.

10. The relationship between Metro Remittance (UK) Limited and the Remitter shall be governed by English Law.