Metro Remittance (UK) Limited is a registered Money Service Business with the UK's HM Revenue and Customs, holding MSB Certificate number 12152251. The company is also authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under Payment Services Regulations 2009 with number 509751 for the provision of payment services.

Metro Remittance (UK) Limited operates anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing controls. We will refuse any transaction we believe to be money laundering. We will report suspicious transactions. Before we do business with anyone, we will require evidence of identity. Copies of the evidence and records of transactions will be retained for a minimum of 5 years.

Under UK Laws and regulations you must submit documentary proof to support for changes in circumstances including the following:
     - Renewal of expired PASSPORT or ID – copy of new valid passport or ID
     - Change in ADDRESS – utility bill or bank statement
     - Change in name or marital status – marriage certificate or notice of divorce, annulment, etc
     - Update in contact details such as mobile number, landline number or email address
You must accomplish and sign a new Remittance Application and Agreement Form each time your Identification provided to us expires for record updating purposes.

Metro Remittance (UK) Ltd has set a £3000 or €3000 transaction limit on a month basis, if in case you wish to send more than this amount. You are required to provide documentary proof of source of funds, purpose of remittance and beneficiary details. Or if we noticed that the remittance amount you are sending does not commensurate to your monthly wages, we will review your remittance activities and request immediately for both source of funds and purpose of remittance.

We reserve the right to deny money remittance services for non-compliance with the above requirements.


Personal data we hold in our files are protected under the UK's Data Protection Act.  The company holds registration number Z8383053 from the Information Commissioner Office. Metro Remittance (UK) Limited has established internal standards and controls to ensure protection of all client information and relationships, particularly from unnecessary disclosure of such information to sources outside the organisation. Metro Remittance (UK) Limited is using the best means possible to maintain confidentiality of client information by minimising risk inherent in improper disclosure of information and preventing fraud and financial loss. All data collected from the client are being processed and solely used for business purposes only. For any data breach, please call immediately the attention of the company's General Manager.

Metro Remittance (UK) Limited is committed to delivering an efficient and professional remittance service to all its clients. In instances when concerns arise from our service, we resolve to address any complaint by:
      - ensuring that filing a complaint is not unduly burdensome to the complainant;
      - treating a complaint seriously in whatever manner it is communicated to us;
      - dealing with complaints promptly;
      - including in our response an apology for mistakes we may have caused; an explanation of our position, and/or information on any actions taken; and
      - learning from complaints and using them to improve our service.

Prepare your written complaint and have it received by our duty manager.  The contents of the complaint should include:
      - the nature of the problem
      - the date and time when the issue occurred
      - the persons you were dealing with

      - how you want us to resolve the matter

You may use the attached the Complaint Template attached at the bottom of this webpage for guidance.

You may  send your report by fax to 020 79376140, or by email to  Please advise if a reply from us by email is acceptable; otherwise, please provide us your telephone number or a full postal address.

To discuss your complaint by telephone, please call the duty manager at telephone number 020 73684490.

We aim to reply fully to all complaints within 7 days from date of receipt; if, due to the complexity of the case, it is not possible to resolve it within the committed time,an interim response will be issued advising the client what is being done to deal with the complaint, and when a full reply may be expected and from whom.

If, despite the initial response, the complainant still is not completely satisfied, complaints may be elevated to our Complaints Handling Officer:
     Mr. Vincent Otieco
     1st Floor, 12 Kensington Church Street
     London W8 4EP
     Tel no. 020 73684490

     Email Add:

Finally, unresolved cases after 5 weeks of first being reported to us may be brought to the attention of the Financial Ombudsman Service for further advice and guidance:

      The Financial Ombudsman Service
      The Exchange Tower

      London E14 9SR
      Tel no: 0800 023 4567 or 0300 123 9123

Metro Remittance Complaint Template

MRUK Complaint Template